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About The Association

Educational Support and Management Association of Broward, Incorporated (ESMAB) was formerly named ASPT (Administrative, Supervisory, Professional and Technical) and SSPA. The Support Services Personnel Association (SSPA), began in 1977 as the Broward Educational Association of Managers, and changed its name to SSPA shortly thereafter. ESAMB is a non-union "meet and confer" employee group made up of upper level leaders within the Broward County Public Schools. An Executive Director is employed and represents this employee group. An elected Executive Board meets monthly as a leadership group and also meets monthly with the Superintendent to discuss the support of the schools and how that might best be accomplished.

ESMAB confers with appropriate departments for the benefit of its members. Some of ESMAB's recent accomplishments are: Awarded scolarships to memebers' offspring, sick leave buy-back, salary increase in 2016-2017, voting membership on the insurance and calendar committees. ESMAB responds to its members quickly.


Who is eligible to join? All leadership, supervisory, and management workers, employed by the Broward County Public Schools.

What benefits come with membership? Members have access to assistance with employment issues. A fall and spring social event is planned. Scholarships are available for members’ children both secondary and post-secondary. Retirement advice is available.

What is the cost of membership in ESAMB? $10 can be deducted from the first twenty paychecks each year with payroll deduction for a total cost of $200 per year. This may also be paid in a lump sum to ESMAB.

What is the process for election of ESMAB Officers? Officers are elected every two years by the membership.

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